Posters must be printed on 80cmx120cm size paper.

Posters must be designed and presented VERTICALLY.

You or your co-authors are responsible for affixing your poster to the panels provided at the conference venue.

Poster strips will be provided.

Each poster panel will be labelled with a number; you can find your poster number in conference program.

 At least one author must be present during the poster session as planned in the symposium program to explain your work and answer questions.

The poster should contain the title of the corresponding paper, the authors, institution and the institution’s location.

The aims of the study, the question to be asked or the hypothesis to be tested should be clearly and succinctly stated (in as few words as possible).

Briefly outline your methods. Provide details only for new methods or important modifications of older ones.

The conclusions should be succinctly stated in large type. Many attendees read this first, hence it should be easy to understand.

Please remove and take your poster with you at the end the day of your poster session.

Tips when preparing your poster:

Provide the full title of your abstract (at least 2 inches/5 cm high – it is usually the first, if not only, thing an attendee will read) as well as a list of all authors and affiliations. Use this information as a headline in your work.

Any text should include the structure elements used in your submission (background, hypothesis, results and conclusions).

Provide a clear “take-home message”, which highlights the main findings of your poster; highlight this “take-home message” in the poster in a warm colour. It should also be located at eye-level.

Your poster should be able to be read at a distance. Use colour wisely to provide contrast for each section of your poster. Try to avoid big tables (as they are generally hard to read from a distance) and present as much data in graphs as possible. Ensure the flow of your poster is logical.